10 Ways To Groom Yourself For Every Man

We all love a man who knows how to look good. Laid-back guys are not bad but there is a fine line between grooming and Unkempt. There are a few things that no man should be smug about, not even the lazy one. These are some tips about men’s grooming that all men should follow.

1. Clothing

Do not wear shabby oversized clothes. These kinds of clothes not only make you look bad but also create a negative impact on your personality. Neat and perfectly fitted clothes always portray a good personality and make you look dashing. People will notice your dressing sense and judge you accordingly.

2. Accessorize Yourself

Wear a simple watch that’s fits your wrist perfectly. The idea is to make yourself look smart and handsome so that your personality impresses everyone around you.

Wearing a necklace or a chain is fine. But don’t wear something that is too eye catching. Try to wear a chain which is understated, if you want a pendent with it then find something that describes you and it should not be too much big. Remember, small and subtle is the way to go.

3. Smelling Good Is Must

Perfume or deodorant is a necessity and just using aftershave is not enough, because it’s not strong enough to last all day long. Using a deodorant should become a part of your life. Rather than owing several bottles of garden variety perfumes and using them at random every morning find the one or two irreprehensible scents you really like and invest in them. They should be the way you define yourself. Generally, woody, musk, spicy or herby scents are suitable for winters and for summer scents which are light like fruity, citrusy, or oceanic types are well suited.

4. Shoes are Important

From oxford shoes to the funky sneakers, make sure they suit you well. Maintain them, those shoes need to look good as new every day. Even if you are not going out, clean and polish your shoes. Make sure your feet don’t smell, this happen when bacteria starts to percolate on your feet.

5. Scrub, Moisturise, and Use Sunblock

There is a popular saying that the first impression is the last impression. So be conscious about how you look. On Mondays use a face scrub so that it cleans all the dirt collected over the week. On the rest of the days use a mild face wash. You will start to look like a handsome man in no time. Obsessively moisturize your face, regular moisturizing gives healthy-looking skin. It is also a good idea to wear sunblock. During the winter your face will be thankful for it because even at that time of the year the harmful UV rays of the sun penetrate the thick fog and rain, damaging that good looking face of yours.

6. Nails and Eyebrows

Trimming your nails, of both hands and feet, at least once a week is necessary. You can do it after a bath or a shower, your nails would be soft and this will help you in cutting them easily.

Big bushy eyebrows are not a problem, but if they meet in the middle then you have a problem. Pay extra attention to that small area and look or stray outgrown hairs above and below the eyebrows. Plucking consumes a lot of time so you can just ask your barber to help you tidy it a little.

7. Teeth

When we meet a man for the first time, we notice two things, firstly, his shoes and secondly his smile. In case of the latter, there is no excuse for not taking care of your teeth and not using proper dental care. Electronic toothbrushes are designed in such a way that they are better for your health as well as they do most of the hard work. According to a study, electronic brushes cut down plaque by 11% or more than that of regular toothbrush and reduce issues related to gums significantly. In the end, don’t forget to use mouth wash.

8. Visit Your Barber Regularly

All men should stick to a routine, visit your barber regularly in 2-3 weeks. First, assess how long it takes for your hair to grow and becomes unmanageable. Do not let your hair grow into that unmanageable phase. The trick is to be more in control of the situation and not reactive when it worsens. Also having a trustworthy barber is important, and then you would not be constantly worrying about your hair being cut into a mess.

Hair products for men are confusing, so make sure you know which product suits you best. It’s ok to use more than one product, the right product makes all the difference. Ask your barber about the best product that suits you and how you should use them to groom yourself.

9. Take Care of Your beard

Facial hair of any length whether is it Dumbledore’s tummy length beard or George Clooney’s sexy fuzz, it needs to be tamed and maintained. Don’t spend too much time with that beard trimmer just use it once a week and tidy it that is enough. Also you may not have the time to do an extensive wet shave every morning but learning the basics of how to do a good shave is important.

Use shaving oil beforehand to make your skin ready for the shave. The shaving oil will help the razor glide easily over your hairs. You should soak your razor in warm water in order to allow the hair to come off your face easily. If it still feels like a waste of time, then leave your face in the hands of an expert, once a week you should pamper yourself to a professional shave.

10. Workout regularly and Avoid Smoking

Build those muscles and abs, it’s hard but working out improve your health and look good. With the right diet and exercise your body will change dramatically making you feel more fit and energetic. Cigarettes and alcohol are killers and they affect your health as well as your appearance. It reduces blood flow in your skin and the absorption rate of nutrients also deceases. It also causes premature wrinkles and makes you age prematurely.

Now at the end, we can say that wear good clothes, make sure to take a bath, groom well and follow the points mentioned above in order to stand apart among the crowd.

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