The Complete Guide for Shoe Care

When you buy genuine leather or branded shoes, you need to take extra care of your shoes. You will find various leather shoes which are designed for work or casual wear. Take good care of your shoes with the “shoe care tips” mentioned below in order to maintain the shine and polish of your shoes and keep them like brand new for a long time.

1. Keep Your Shoes Dry

Taking care of leather shoes in the rainy season is essential. If your leather shoes get soaked in the rain, then you should wrap the wet shoes in the newspaper and leave it to air-dry instead of drying your shoes with a hairdryer.

2. Retain the Shape of Shoes

The best way to keep shoes in shape is to use unvarnished cedar shoe trees. As you remove your shoes, you should place the shoe trees in your shoes. This process will help absorb moisture from shoes and the shape of the shoes will not change.

3. Slide in Your Feet with Ease

If you find difficulty in getting your feet inside the shoes, then you should use shoe horn which will help you slide in your feet without causing pain to your heels.

4. Keep Changing Shoes

Instead of wearing a pair of shoes for a long period of time, you should wear different shoes after some months. By doing so, you will let your leather shoes be in good condition.

5. Keep White Stain Away From Shoes

You might have noticed that white stains appear on the surface of the shoes during winter and monsoon seasons. Use the mixture of vinegar and water to prevent white stains on your shoes. Fill a jug with water. Add a good quantity of vinegar. Take a cotton cloth and dip it in the mixture. Now, wipe the cloth on the stains and let the shoes dry for a while.

6. Make Your Suede Shoes Weather-Proof

Protect your suede shoes from unpleasant weather conditions by applying suede protector spray which will keep your suede shoes in top condition in all seasons. You just have to spray the suede protector spray on the surface of the shoes and let the shoes dry overnight.

7. Right Way to Polish Your Shoes

Use a good brand of a shoe polish when you polish your leather shoes. Make sure to use the right shoe polish colors which will look appropriate with your color of the shoe. Polish your shoes once a week. Do not polish your shoes on the day of your journey. Always polish your shoes a day before your travel.

8. Best Ways to Shine Leather Shoes

  • Use the right type of polish for your leather shoes. Go for waxes or creams that would maintain the shine of shoes for a long period of time.
  • Pick right color of polish which will match well with the color of your shoes.
  • It is better to keep a polish kit handy. In case you do not have a polish kit, then you can keep a cotton cloth and a toothbrush handy with you.
  • Purchase a horsehair brush to shine your shoes which you have been using for the last few years.

9. Best Ways to Shine Suede Shoes

Suede shoes do not require much polishing. You need to clean suede shoes. The right way to clean suede shoes is mentioned below.

  • Wipe off the surface of the shoes with the help of the suede brush for removing dust and dirt.
  • Use a good shoe cleaner for cleaning your suede shoes. Clean your shoes by spraying the suede protector spray.
  • Keep in mind not to wear suede shoes during monsoon and winter months. Also, protect your shoes from the effect of humid and hot weather.

10. Keep Trainers Clean and Fresh

You can wash trainers in the washing machine. At first, you should wipe off the trainers with a dry cotton cloth. Keep a towel and trainers inside a pillow cover and set it for a wash in the washing machine. After the washing part is over, then you should let the shoes dry.

11. Tips to Store Your Shoes

Storing your shoes properly can extend the longevity of your shoes.

  • Keep leather shoes in a shoe bag, as it will prevent leather shoes from accumulating dust and grime. You will also be able to prevent your shoes from getting damaged.
  • Keep your suede shoes in the open space which will let the shoes get some fresh air.
  • Maintain the quality of trainers by keeping the shoes wrapped in newspapers which will help keep trainers in a good shape.

12. Popular Shoe Brands

Clark’s is one of the popular shoe brands which can be found in various types and colors. Desert boots and Wallabies are the most preferred shoes in Clark’s.

  • The converse is highly used by shoe lovers, as you can wash and wear the shoes at your convenience. With various colors and styles, converse provides a high level of comfort.
  • Wear Vans whenever you wish. You can get Vans in many styles and colors. Vans are reckoned as the leisure shoes which can be worn on the casual wears.

13. Prior Using Your Shoes

Make sure to spray your shoes before wearing them. When you spray, keep a little distance from your shoes. Dry your shoes for 12 hours. Always get your shoes sprayed once a month.

14. Proper Care

  • Do not wear shoes in heavy rainfall.
  • Do not brush off your suede shoes with a suede
  • Before wearing your shoes, place a rubber sole in your shoes and wear your shoes after some days.
  • Every time you remove your shoes, you should keep your shoes outside a box or a bag to let the shoes dry in the air.
  • Prevent your shoes from getting affected by heat, hail, moisture, and

15. Storage Tricks

Keep your shoes in a dry place. Do not keep shoes in a bag or inside a box. Do not keep shoes close to heat-prone areas. Let your shoes be in an open space once a week.

16. Cleaning Technique

If your suede shoes have stains then the best way to get the stains cleaned is by holding the shoes over the boiling pot of water. The steam of water will automatically remove the stains. To have a shiny look of your shoes, you should polish the leather with the help of polishing spray.

17. A Quick Glance of Shoe Care

Pay attention to the material of the shoes before you start cleaning it. Clean your shoes properly. Keep your shoes in a good shape. Do not wear a dusty trainer. Wear a different pair of shoes after some months.

18. Right Method of Cleaning

Remove the shoelaces at first. Use a damp cloth to make your shoe dust-free. Take leather shampoo to wash your shoes thoroughly under the running water. Let your shoes dry for some time. Wrap your shoes in the newspaper and then place shoe trees in the shoes and allow the shoes to dry for a long time.

19. Keep Your Shoes Moisturized

It is necessary to condition your shoes by using leather balms. Pour a little amount of leather conditioner on a cotton cloth. Rub the cloth in a circular motion all over the shoes.

20. Protect Your Shoes from Scratches

Use pigmented cream on your shoes which will cover up the scratch marks gracefully. Make sure to use the right color of pigmented shades for polishing your shoes.

21. Shine Your Shoes with Wax Polish

Polish your shoes with wax polish, as it will safeguard your shoes from the bad effects of rain and scratches. The use of wax polish will give a glossy touch to your shoes.

22. Clean, Moisturize and Polish Regularly

Clean, moisturize and polish your shoes whenever you get time. Depending on the number of times you wear shoes in a day, you should do the shoe care regime accordingly.

23. Avoid Radiator and Shoe Brush

Do not use the radiator for drying your shoes and never clean your suede shoes with a shoe brush as it may damage the surface quality of suede shoes.

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