10 Mistakes To Avoid While Wearing Shoes

No matter how well dressed you are, the right footwear makes your outfit perfect. A wrong pair of shoes can dampen your overall look. You need to be careful when you choose your shoes. If you do not know how to pair up the shoes with the dress you are wearing, then this article will help you by providing you some useful tips on choosing the right type of shoes that would match your outfit.

Accessorize Your Outfit with Right Shoes

How does it will look if you wear a formal dress with casual shoes? Sounds horrible, right? At times, you do not pay heed to the shoes you wear. In a bid to move out, you pick wrong shoes which do not match with the outfit you wear. As a result, you feel embarrassed when your associates and friends mock at you for wearing the wrong shoes. After glancing through the article, you will not have to be an object of ridicule. Below mentioned are the 10 mistakes you should avoid when choosing a pair of shoes.

1. Go beyond Black

It is not just about wearing good shoes, but you will have to make sure that you wear the right color of shoes. You might be fond of the black It is a fact that black color shoes match with every outfit. But you do not need to stick with black color when you can match your outfit with coffee or brown color shoes. Next time when you select a pair of shoes, you should go for brown color shoes which will go apt with formal outfits.

2. No Sneakers with Formals

You want to get dressed for your office. Which pair of shoes would you choose for yourself? In a bid to reach office early, there are men who wear sneakers with formals. Avoid wearing sneakers with formals. For your daily office wear, you can wear formal footwear which will match well with formal trousers.

3. Sleek Dress Boots Looks Best In Casual Meetings

There is a formal meeting with your clients in a classy food joint. You have plans to wear a formal outfit, but you do not know which shoes would look apt in your formal dress. Grab the sleek dress boots and pair them up with your formals.

4. Sneakers Are Good As A Casual Wear

Are you packing your bags to go on a trek? Thinking about the shoes to wear? Pick those sneakers from the shoe box inside the shoe rack and wear them in your trekking, picnics and in other casual occasions.

5. Plain Boots Are a Big No in Formal Events

Do not wear plain boots when you are heading to the office. If you want to meet your friend for a dinner party or you want to go for a shopping with your spouse, you can wear plain boots in all semi-formal events.

6. Dump Worn Out Shoes

You might be having shoes which you have been wearing for a long time. Unlike other things, shoes do not have expiry dates. Wearing a pair of shoes for many days can put a negative impact on your health. Shoes that are worn out and have faded colors should not be worn by humans.

7. Socks and Sandals Make a Bad Combination

You are having a stroll on a beach or you are out for a grocery shopping. You must be looking for casual shoes which would be light and comfortable. Wearing sandals is the best fit in this situation. Some men might opt for socks when wearing sandals which will make you look drab. Hence, you should never wear socks with sandals.

8. Team up Loafers in Your Business Tours

You have set on a business tour and you are searching for the shoes that would match the situation. Slide on your feet to the loafers which you can wear with jumpers and trousers. Loafers are also great for casual wears. Wear shorts with loafers to bring out the casual look in you.

9. Formal Pumps Are Not Allowed In The informal Settings

There is a product launch of your company around the corner and you want to buy a new pair of shoes. You can wear formal pumps which will look great on your feet in the business events, but never try out formal pumps in the informal occasions, as it will make your personality look pale.

10. Focus on the Right Shoe Size

A pair of branded shoes might seem attractive, but it is not a right fit for your feet because of the wrong size. Make sure to wear a well-fitted pair of shoes that would make you feel comfortable while you walk.

Keep in mind the 10 mistakes which people generally make while wearing shoes so that you can enjoy your walk and be presentable at the same time.

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