Got a Patchy Beard? Don’t Shave, Try These Super Styles

BEARD, the 5-letter word is a symbol of pride for some people whereas for the others, it is a symbol of laziness. No matter, which side you favor but you will agree to the fact that beards are currently the hot trend among men. Remember the time in childhood when every movie villain was blessed with a thick and luscious facial hair? The kid who feared the most is currently hitting Google to find ways to grow thick beard. Isn’t it?

However, the situation worsens for the people who have patchy beard. Such people have only two options left- one, shave it off and second, to do endless wait for the hair to grow. If you choose the latter option, then the idiom- Patience is bitter but its fruit is sweet, doesn’t apply here. But in this piece of writing, a third option has been introduced and it is learning how to style the patchy beards. Don’t worry! You won’t need any costly grooming product, just a trimmer and you are good to go.

Below are some of the super-hot styles that will surely solve the problem of the ones having patchy beards. Keep scrolling to know more.

1. Patchy Goatee

The ones knowing the Telegu superstar Akkineni Nagarjuna would easily relate with this beard style. This style is most suitable for the people whose mustache and chin beard grows strong. Out of all the beard patterns, it is one of the best due to three main reasons- first, it is easy to maintain, second, it is a good option for every face shape, and third, you can play with the styles by trimming the thickness. Moreover, make sure to shave off any other patch on the face for drawing the attention of the people. Doing so will also give a chiseled look to your face. Also, there is another variety of goatee known as ‘Anchor Goatee’ which is particularly suited for the people having narrow face and tempting jawlines. In this style, the chin beard is elongated with a narrow ending. Hope you got the style, Mr. Akkineni Nagarjuna.

2. Cheekbone Highlight

This beard style is the one sported by the current heartthrob of the nation- Mr. Kartik Aryan. It is the most suitable for the ones whose facial hair on the cheeks grow slightly faster and do not connect with the moustache. If you are also the one having such type of patchy beard, then the time has come to provide you with an absolute solution. In such case, trim your cheek hairs and cut the edges. One thing to keep in mind is that the hair length of moustache and beard should be same to give your face a masculine look. And yes, if you have a perfect jawline then this beard style is sure to add more charm to your face.Now, the time has come to pick up the deadly weapon (TRIMMER) and get to work, Mr. Kartik Aryan.

3. Clipped Patches

The childhood hero of the 90’s, Sunil Shetty is seen nowadays sporting this beard style. It is the most preferred beard style for the one who doesn’t get thick hair on the cheek. All you must do is trim the beard at the number 1 or 2. Furthermore, don’t forget to shave your beard line of upper cheek and neck. Doing so on one hand will make it look clean and on the other hand, it will give an impression to the people that growing such beard style was your conscious decision and not your helplessness. Watch Out! Here comes Mr. Sunil Shetty aka Anna.

4. Thin Chin Strap

The role played by Mr. Rajinikanth in the movie ‘Shivaji’ will always stay alive in our heart and so does his beard. The thin chin strap is an appropriate option for the people having thick hair around the jawline but don’t have much hair on the cheeks and the lower neck. For having this beard style, you will have to shave the upper cheek and neck beard line leaving the facial hairs around the jawline. This is one of the most trending styles of 2019 which is suitable for all having any structured haircut. Moreover, this style of beard will accentuate your jawline and therefore, it is recommended to keep the hair length short and well-trimmed. However, this style demands timely trimming and care, but all the efforts are truly worth. Keep Calm & Trim Your Beard, Mr. Rajinikanth.

5. Overgrown

It is a beard style that can help you hide your patches. In this style, let the beard grow and allow the strong beard hair to cover the patchy areas of the face. For this, you can use the beard comb or can also switch to use beard balm/gel to give strong hold to the facial hair. However, maintaining such long beard requires proper attention, therefore, opt for this style if you are really serious about the beard game. Also, make sure that you shave the beard line regularly to give a clean look. It is also advisable that you trim the edges of the facial hair once in every six months for a proper beard growth.

So, these were the top 5 beard styles that are currently in trend for the people having patchy beards. If you want to get rid of the patchy beards slowly and steady, then go through some of the best hacks listed in the subsequent section.

Simple Hacks for Men with Patchy Beard

  • Keep your face clean. Hair growth increases when the skin is tidy. Splash water on your face at least twice in a day.
  • Take plenty of sleep. Yes, you read that right. A sound sleep helps in repairing the damaged cells of the face and ultimately helps in beard growth.
  • Including certain vitamins in the diet can also help in the growth of the facial hair. Vitamins A, B, C, and E in the diet can help you get rid of your patchy beard.
  • Manage your stress level to get a fully grown and thick beard. According to the recent study, stress again plays an important role in the growth of the beard and it is advisable to keep the stress low.
  • Massage your face regularly to rejuvenate the facial cells. This will help in proper blood circulation and as a result, will help in growing the beard.

This brings us to the end of the write-up. Here you are well informed with the latest beard trends for patchy beards along with some of the useful hacks that will surely help you in becoming a proud owner of a fully-grown beard. Now, adopt such hot beard style and let the world go gaga over your beard.

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