Know the Perfect Color Combination Of Dress For Men

Are you confused that which color of shirt would go well with your trouser? Probably most of the men are confused about picking the right pant shirt color combination and eventually, you end up taking help from your friend or family member. In that case this article will be really helpful for you and after reading through this article, you will come to know about the preferred color combination for dress for men you need to select.

Pair Up the Right Colors

You are about to attend an official event a few hours later, but you do not know how to pair up the color of trouser with the shirt. Everything seems baffled for a moment, right? It happens with every man when he opens his wardrobe to get a shirt and trouser for himself. It takes several minutes to decide the colors of trousers that would match well with the shirts. If you too go through the same confusion in regards to matching the color of your outfit, then this article will help you in selecting the right color along with the right dress for men.

What Matters Is the Contrast

Do not get bewildered on seeing pants and shirts kept in your wardrobe. You might not have the knowledge of picking right color shirt with right color pant. Do not fret. When it comes to pant shirt combination, you will have to choose the colors wisely. The simple way is to go for light shade when choosing a shirt and dark shade for a pant.

For instance, you have a pink shirt which you can wear with a coffee or brown color trouser. If you are fond of beige color, then you can pick a beige color shirt and match it up with a chocolate or a dark color pant. Dump the age-old trend of wearing white shirt and black pant. Next time you should try out white color shirt with gray color trouser. Remember that there is no hard-and-fast rule that you have to wear a light color shirt with a dark color trouser. For a change, you can pick a maroon color shirt and pair it up with a cream color trouser. No matter whatever is your body color complexion, you can get a vibrant look by wearing a purple color shirt and a beige color trouser.

Pay Heed to Pattern and Color

You might be having plain color shirts or shirts with stripes and checks. If you are choosing to wear striped shirt, do you know which color pant will go well with it? Most probably you don’t know the answer. It is not just important to select right colors of your trousers and shirts, but it is equally important to match right patterns and designs of shirts. The pant shirt combo can enhance your personality.

Select Color Combination as Per Your Build

Suppose you are in a mood to wear a navy blue color trouser? Which type of shirt would you match with the dark blue trouser? Pick a shirt which has checks and is of a light blue color. Be careful when you select the design of your shirt. A well-built person will not look good in a checked shirt. If you are a little flab, then you should go for shirts which have stripes. People who are gracefully thin should opt for checked shirts which will make them look more elegant. Checked shirts look better in plain and dark color trousers. Are printed shirts your favorite? If yes, then match your printed shirts with plain color pants.

Top 6 Suitable Color Combinations

  1. When you wear Navy color trouser/paint, you can choose light shades such as white, aqua, light yellow, light pink, light green and beige colors which will go well with navy.
  2. Beige color looks great when you pair it up with blue, purple, brown, green and black. For a change, you can also try beige color with burgundy or maroon. These same color combination can go with Khaki or Tan color trousers.
  3. Needless to say, any color outfits perfectly match well with black color. Black color is the most preferred color by men. The reason is that you can pair black color outfit with any light colors such as white, pink, cream, purple, light yellow and Olive green.
  4. When you wear Cream color trouser, you can chose blue, Green and red color shirts.
  5. The color white indeed makes a person feel fresh. White color is also one of the most favored colors by men. If you are thinking which colors will match with white color, then you should give a try to navy, black and sky blue which will elevate your dressing style.
  6. Generally, grey color seems to look dull. Pairing the color grey with white, light pink and sky blue can look stunning on you. At times, you can give a shot to other dark shades such as burgundy and black colors when you wear a grey color outfit.

Picking shirts of any color might not make the outfit bright. All you need is the perfect color combination of shirts and pants to make your personality stand out in the crowd.

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