13 Best Styling Tips For Men

You may have read a lot of top fashion tips for women. But, we are going to do something different today. In this article, we are going to talk about something you don’t see too often that is some of the best style tips for men. In fact, looking sharper than most of the guys does not require a lot of work. It is simpler than drinking water and you should merely know a few things to get your styling and fashion right.

Styling Tips all Men Must Know

The following are the 13 best men styling tips, you must know in 2019. By implementing these tips, you will not only look cool and dashing but will also enhance your chances of getting the attention of people you secretly admire.

1. Fit is King

Wearing the dress which fits you impeccably is the fundamental and the easiest change you can make to your style. There is no point in wearing large and baggy clothes. Unfortunately, this is exactly what most guys do. Your dress and your body should look a single entity. For instance, your jacket should never go past your knuckles. It should also hug your body, curving in at the sides. In fact, wearing bad fit clothes have become an epidemic. You need to find a cure against this epidemic to separate yourself from the rest.

2. Spend Money on Quality, not Quantity

Some guys wrongly think that the only way to add diversity to their style is to have a large number of clothing items. On the other hand, spending money on fewer but quality items is the way to go. For example, a quality shirt, even if it is expensive, will last longer. More importantly, you do look better in a quality attire compared to a cheap one which loses its shape after a couple of uses.

3. Keep it Simple

Quality clothes are not synonymous with ostentatious and splashy clothes. You will only become a laughing stock if you dress like a rockstar which you are definitely not. Similarly, never ever exaggerate anything if you want your clothes to look great at you. For instance, it is a good practice to mix only three colors or three accessories at a time. The bottom line is that you should always wear only essential wardrobe items whenever possible.

4. How to Look Splashy?

Sometimes, you do want to look splash and there is nothing wrong with it. But, there is a way to look splash rather than mixing a bright green pant with a dark yellow shirt. You can still pull a stylish yet a simpler look by wearing a white blazer with a white striped dress pant. Furthermore, your best dress shoes and a dress belt will compliment your overall look. You can also replace the dress pant with a dark pair of jeans. However, anything more than this will simply ruin your style.

5. Buy two instead of one

If you like a dress which also fits you well, such as a shirt or pair of pants, you must buy two of them instead of one. This will also help you save a lot of money, especially if the item is on sale. Just remember to select a different pattern, wash or color for each item.

6. Make Casual Exciting

Casual means boring to most guys but it does not have to be. For example, there are different types of colored casual shirts which can add a bit of drama and character to your dress and overall style. Similarly, there are a lot of people who don’t take casual dressing as casually. Just try to take inspiration from them about how to dress casually.

7. Take someone with You to Shopping

Shopping alone is a terrible idea. Most salespeople work for commission and therefore, they are always loyal to their masters. It is difficult if not impossible to trust them. Take one of your friends with you to shopping who can give you an honest but genuine opinion. It is also one of the best methods of shopping on a budget because he or she will stop you when you seem to be burning candles on both ends.

8. Wear Your Pants at the Right Place

You need to remember that sagging pants look greats only at prepubescent teenagers. Secondly, you should only wear your pants in the right place. But, what is the right place? Well, each pair of pants you buy needs to be worn at a certain point on your waist or just above your hip. It is also very easy to check where the pants you are going to buy fit. Just button them up and you will know whether it fits on your waist or on your hip if it fits correctly of course.

9. Get Your Dress Tailored & Men Shaving

It is also a good idea to get your shirt, pants or suits tailored. You would have to spend some extra money but it is really worth it. It will serve you two main purposes. Firstly, your dress will appear more expensive than it actually is. Secondly, you will look extremely handsome and dashing. You can get a smoother, more comfortable shave and we do it almost every day. If you’re looking to achieve the perfect shave you must visit an outstanding best electric shaver’s review list with 10wares and try one of them for your face shaving.

10. Match Your Belt with Your Shoes

This is one of the most important styling rules that every man should know. It is also very simple to abide by. You should always match the color of your belt with that of your shoes and watch. For example, if you are wearing a brown belt then you should only wear brown shoes and a brown watch band. It is actually an old fashioned, classic rule which has stood the test of time. It helps you look highly polished and well put together.

11. Say No to Worn Down, Sloppy Shoes

This is another classic fashion rule you need to follow. There is a common saying that you should check a person’s shoes if you want to know how he dresses. Your shoes are a pretty good indicator of how well dressed and sharp you are. In fact, you look bad in general if your shoes are bad. Sloppy, worn down shoes normally include shoes with holes, dangling soles, and scratches as well as scuffed, dirty, and discolored shoes. If your shoes have any of these flaws, you should discard them at the earliest.

12. Say No to Worn Down, Sloppy Belt

Just like sloppy shoes, you should bid farewell to sloppy, worn out belt as well. You will just look worn down if your belt is worn down. There is no other way to put it. Some people opine that other people hardly notice your belt, but it is far from the truth. People do notice your belt. Imagine a country’s president walking into United Nations meeting wearing a belt with a peeling or missing leather. It is a ridiculous, embarrassing and painful thought, to say the least. Therefore, you should never wear a belt which has a tearing or stretched out holes and a missing piece of leather. Similarly, it should never be torn, marked or scored.

13. Don’t be Crazy about the Brands

Some people are extremely brand cautious. They will only wear branded clothes even if they have to pay extra money than they would have spent on non-branded clothes. You should never fall into this trap. You should only buy a piece of cloth if you like its quality and style, not just for the brand. Ask yourself a question, “Would I buy this shirt even if it wasn’t from a big brand?”


There are thousands of reasons why a guy should dress well and look sharper than other men around him. In this regards, you will be most stylish men if you implement any or all of the above mens fashion advice. Please let us know in the comment, how do you find this article.

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  1. When it is time to shop for yourself, you look here and there and end up shopping clothes you never wanted. These tips are highly recommended if somebody is looking to brush their styling tips.


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