How to Select A Suit Based on Your Body Type?

A well-fitting, good quality suit can look incredibly smart and transform your look – whether it’s for work or a special occasion – there is nothing which can flatter your more than a suit made for you.

The right suit can hide your flaws and make you look taller and slimmer so choosing the right silhouette is important to help create a great impression. On the other hand, a suit which doesn’t fit can look dreadful.

A suit which hangs off you and is too big, looks like you borrowed it from your dad, while a suit which is too tight is just painful to look at and is an accident waiting to happen in terms of split seams and burst buttons.

Getting the fit right depends on your body type – if you are tall and slim you’d need a different silhouette to someone with very broad shoulders and a muscular physique, for example.

The right suit if you are tall and slim

If you are tall and slim then you want to create the impression of a bit more bulk so look for suits with a strong shoulder line in the jacket – go for a broader or padded shoulder without looking like an American football player.

A double-breasted jacket can also help to add bulk and create a broader appearance so is the perfect choice for slimmer men. In terms of the trousers, you should make sure they are long enough for you if you have long legs, and comfortable enough to move around in.

Go for straight leg trousers but not too tightly fitted as you don’t want your legs to end up looking like drain pipes. Think about your waistband level as well if you want to look in proportion.

On the other hand, if you don’t want to appear too bulky and prefer to enhance your slim physique then go for a narrow, skinny suit with a single-breasted jacket, to emphasize your naturally slender shape.

The right suit if you have a muscular physique

When it comes to men’s formalwear for muscular guys the look you want to avoid is squeezing into a suit that is too small and looking like you are about to burst all of the seams.

In this case it’s better to avoid very narrow or skinny fit suits as they will just look odd and strained on you. Equally, you don’t want to add any more bulk to your current shape so avoid double-breasted suit jackets which will make you look huge.

The best choice here is to go for a single-breasted simple jacket with just one or maybe two buttons, to avoid adding bulk to your silhouette, and team it with classic cut, rather than slim fit trousers to complete the look.

The right suit for a larger body size

For the larger gentleman you want a suit which will cover unflattering areas that you’d rather hide and draws your attention to other areas. Avoid narrow or skinny fit style suits as they will not be flattering whatever size they are in.

You need to go for a jacket with a strong shoulder line set with wide lapels and this will then add balance to a more generous cut at the bottom of the jacket for you. For comfort and movement go for a jacket with double back vents as well.

When it comes to trousers, make sure the waist band is in a position to sit comfortably and avoid trousers which are too long for you as they will make your legs look shorter. For a good fitting suit it’s all about getting the proportions right.


Whichever body shape you are there is a suit out there which will fit, flatter and enhance all the good aspects so it’s a case of working out what flatters your body shape the most and sticking with that. A great suit will make you feel confident as well as look it.

If you are having a suit made for you then you will know that it has all been cut to size, but if buying off the rack bear in mind that most aspects of a suit jacket and trousers can still be altered for you by a tailor if you require it.

Whether you are looking for a suit for everyday wear, or special suit for a wedding or christening, you want to look your best and they key is to find a combination of good quality and the perfect fit for you.

The perfect suit can make you look taller, slimmer or more broad shouldered so it’s a case of trying on different styles and shapes until you find the ideal suit that makes you both look and feel your absolute best no matter what the occasion.

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