6 Ways to Motivate Yourself to Stay Fit

The key to creating a healthy living you can maintain is to have a plan for when the going gets tough. If you’re looking to lose weight, tone-up or simply create a fitness routine you can enjoy, read on to discover some useful tools to help keep you on track.

Ask yourself why you need fitness motivation tips what didn’t work in the past and why? Maybe you couldn’t get enough of jogging last year, but this year you can’t bear the thought of it. The solution to not losing interests to change it up, create diversity, and don’t limit your options. Create a program that includes both cardio and resistance workouts. For example, if you go for a run one day, make the next day a yoga or Pilates session.

Start the day with your choice of exercise instead of leaving it until later. You’re less likely to go for that swim if you’ve had a long day at work and your favorite program is on. By starting the day with ‘me-time’ you are setting yourself up for a day filled with good intentions, it will automatically impact the decisions you make about food and any other activities. Success starts with the first decision you make, so get up and workout!

Set yourself a long-term goal with interim targets. If your dream is to cycle to Land’s End or just drop a few dress sizes, track your progress, plan some interim targets and assess how long it will take you to reach your final goal. When you reach a target, it’s important to acknowledge it and celebrate.

Look to achieve all-round healthy living status, think about the benefits to your mind and body. But,if you’re not feeling up to a workout, be kind to yourself and go for a walk instead. If we constantly push ourselves to where we don’t want to be, of course, we’re going to run and hide.

1. Use your spare time well

For some lock-down has increased the work and thus, they’re more stressed out. Being stressed does not help you stay motivated. The little spare time you get for yourself, use it well. After you do the cardio fitness regime, it’s best to appreciate your hard work and relax. Pamper yourself with some skincare regime or try cooking a new dish. This will help you feel better and keep you motivated.

2. Start early

It’s important to have a schedule, especially when you have to stay indoors always and there’s so much work to manage. Make a clear to-do list and start your day early. This way you will be able to finish your work early and have some spare time for cardio fitness. After you finish work, you can always make movie plans with your friends or family. Do Exercise daily for better health it helps to release stress from the body. Make an outdoor room or use the Garage space to spend some time for yoga or Exercise.

3. Treat yourself

Motivation can come in the shape of cute cupcakes. Times are tough, but you don’t have to be tough on yourself. If you feel low or demotivated, try treating yourself with something you like. It could be a dessert, a drink, or whatever else you like.

4. Smaller goals

When you don’t meet the set goals, it can be extremely demotivating. That’s why, it’s best to set smaller goals and see them fulfilled than setting hard goals that are hard to attain. This is the simplest way to turn demotivation into motivation. Try it.

5. Try shorter workouts

Many people can’t find an hour to dedicate for cardio fitness exercise. If you are amongst them, then you can try shorter workouts (HIIT). These short workouts are extremely effective. But remember first check with your doctor before doing these regimes. They can be extremely intense for some.

6. Use music

If you are a Punjabi music fan, then try doing the bhangra for cardio fitness. It’s a high-intensity dance form that fun and at the same time, super-effective. There are several YouTube tutorials on how to use dance as cardio fitness. Follow them and have some fun, while burning those calories. The best part is that the entire family can join for this cardio fitness exercise. A family that dances together, stays motivated together.

Remember, it’s okay if on some days you don’t feel like working out altogether. The aim is to stay fit – both physically and mentally. Eating the right food is also extremely important to stay motivated. It’s still a long time before we can hit the gyms again. Until then, follow these tips to stay motivated and healthy.

It may happen there are going to be days, weeks, or even months where you don’t feel happy. Continuous practice is may difficult, and it may sometimes feel like it may not going to do it. But it is of what differentiates you to make a successful person from a failure is simply the one who nips bad habits in the bud and moves forward with renewed enthusiasm each and every time.

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