Why Everyday Workout is Necessary

It is extremely important that you work out on a daily basis because it is highly beneficial for your health and it can play a significant role in leading a long and healthy life. Physical fitness is extremely crucial and you can remain fit and healthy only if you work out on a regular and daily basis.

Today we will go through and try to understand the benefits of working out on our life and overall health and will form an idea about the necessity of daily workout.

1. You Feel More Alert & Energized

In the initial days of your workout it is very natural for you to feel more active and energized because as you exercise your hurt pumps out more blood and oxygen to your brain and thus it gives you a feeling of more alertness and energy. Then it might be followed by DOMS (Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness) as your muscles have remained idle for a long period of time before. But don’t worry about the pain because it will last for about 72 hours and go away automatically as you continue with our workout regime.

2. Increase in Production of Mitochondria

As you continue doing physical exercise the level of mitochondria in your body starts to increase through a system called mitochondrial bio-genesis. Mitochondria are basically cell parts that convert carbohydrates, proteins, and fats into energy that is required by your muscles to do your daily work. Studies have shown that continuing daily workout for about 6 to 8 weeks can increase the mitochondria level in our body by as much as 50%. When you have more mitochondria in your body you will start to feel fit and you endurance capacity will also increase substantially.

3. First Six Months is Most Crucial

You will begin to notice the real benefits of exercise after six months of your daily workout regime. As you continue with your workout beyond six months chances of discontinuing it gradually decreases. Generally, we see more than 50% dropout rates in a workout within the first six months of starting exercise but after that more people stick with their workout schedule.

4. Cardiovascular Benefits

If you are more focused on doing cardio exercise then you should notice a 25% increase in your VO2 max. Vo2 max is nothing but a fitness measurement tool and refers to the oxygen-carrying rate of your body to the muscles. A higher VO2 max indicates that you can run faster for longer periods of time.

5. Increases Bone Density

After one year of regular physical activity, your bone density will increase thereby reducing the chances of developing osteoporosis. Intensive research has proven that the effect of osteoporosis can be reversed in a period of 12 months with the right combination of aerobic training and resistance exercise.

6. Savings in Medical Expenses

Regular exercise is not only beneficial for your body and mind but also can lead to a huge amount of saving in terms of your medical bills. Studies have found out that older people who exercise 5 days a week for about just 30 minutes have saved more than $2500 per year in their medical cost for heart-related health problems alone.

7. Lesser Chances of Developing Diseases

Several studies have proved that people who exercise on a regular basis have lesser chances of developing several diseases such as type 2 diabetes, arthritis, dementia, colon cancer, and breast cancer. Moreover, the daily workout is extremely beneficial in reducing anxiety and depression.

Thus to conclude we can say that everyday workout is extremely crucial and important for us if we want to live a long and healthy life keeping all kinds of diseases at bay.

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