Ideas for Saying I Love You

There are many ways to say I love you to your partner, without actually saying the words. It could be in the things you do, what you say, and how you tell them. Would you like some romantic ideas on how to spice up your love life? Let us share these tips with you.

Words are powerful, and when they are said, mean so much to the person listening to them. Especially kind words. Ever heard a compliment, and it made you smile all day? That is how powerful words are.

But, sometimes saying only words can be boring. Many unique romantic ideas can spice up your love life and keep your romantic life very alive.

Something Out of the Box

You can surprise your partner by doing something extraordinary that you have not done before. Your patterns are already something that they may be used to, so do something that they wouldn’t expect you to do.

Some romantic ideas for girlfriends are:
● Please send him a cheeky text message, when he is at work in the middle of the day
● Learn to do something that he likes to do so that you both can do it together
● Put new socks in his drawer, so that he doesn’t have to look for them every time
● Let him do something nice for you, even though you can do it yourself.

Compose Personal Messages

If you do a little research to find out romantic ideas that can improve your love life, you will find blogs and numerous posts with already composed text messages that you can copy and write to your partner.

These romantic ideas for couples is a good one, but it is not a great one. How about you try to compose your messages from your heart to your partner. It may not be perfect, but it will show that you made an effort.

Sometimes, your non-poetic skills may show, and you and your partner can laugh about it, and it would be an inside joke. But deep down, your partner will recognize your effort to say more than I love you.

Create Memorable Proposals

Ever found someone and you thought to yourself, that you do not want to be regular? That you would like to go the extra mile to ask the person to be yours forever?

Perhaps it is someone you met on the best online dating site when you had already given up on love and thought that you couldn’t find love? Well, there are many romantic ideas to propose to the one you love.

In proposing, you may want to go all out with everything you have got, but you can never go wrong with KISS: keep it short and simple.

● Go to her place of work with wine and flowers, say the things you mean from your heart, go down on one knee and propose. That will be a memorable experience for her
● Take her to her favorite spot and propose there
● Invite her to dinner, with wine and cheese and just propose
● Take her to her family dinner and propose in the presence of her family

You would be surprised at how little things make romantic ideas that eventually have strong effects on our romantic relationships.

Special Occasions Are Opportunities

Anniversaries, birthdays and special holidays are opportunities for lovers to find other ways to say I love you to their partners.

Valentine’s day, being the day for lovers, are often the days that lovers have no idea what to do. Here are some romantic ideas for valentine’s day as narrated by some lovers:

“I have never fancied Valentine’s day because my first break up happened on that day. Then I met a new guy, and we were together for six months. So on our first valentine together, he invited me over and cooked a full course meal. We ate, cuddled, and saw a movie. It is my best valentine’s day so far,” Mellissa, 25.

“My girlfriend surprised me on Valentine’s day. She took me out, paid for a reservation in one of my favorite restaurants, and we both had a fantastic dinner. It was so special to be spoiled since I was the one always spending on Valentine’s day. I’ll never forget that experience.” Derek, 28

Whether you are on a budget or not, a romantic idea for saying I love you is usually the simple things of life. After all, the best things in life are free. Don’t you agree?

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