How To Plan Your Day For Optimal Success In Life And Relationships

It can be hard to take your life, work, relationships and family together without having troubles. It is possible for you to face conflicts and ultimately face failure in any one of these. It is important for an individual to have an efficient plan for the working for your life and relationship and to be successful in both of them simultaneously without having to compromise any one of them.

About Christal

Christal talks about her life and how she achieved success in her life and relationship simultaneously. She planned throughout and here is what she has to say. She is a women of freedom-driven mindset and always wanted to be successful. She used to think that life plans should be unsustainable and rigid. She was one of those people who booked flexible and changeable tickets when she planned to travel. On this note, she said that she wanted flexible tickets, not because she is not able to stick to plans but because she thinks the world can change her surroundings and she might be changing her priorities any time. Christal was never a slave of her plans.

Christal and her husband Andrew, conduct their own episodes and in the first few episodes called Talk. Listen. Change, they talked about the core values of an individual and how that core value determined the speed of their lives. Core of their lives refers to how someone wants to move on in their lives.

Life’s Tempo

Christal talks about knowing your tempo. Tempo refers to the speed of change in someone’s life. It is important for people to ensure that their tempos are compatible to your partner’s tempo. If you lack this compatibility, it would feel like you both don’t belong together. You both would feel frustrated and feel incomplete. As per Christal, core values can help her determine someone’s conflicts in their intimate relationship with their partners.

Scheduled Fun

Christal talks about her change in life. She talks about the fact that many people think that having plans and schedules will snatch their freedom away but for Christal, it was the exact opposite. She explains how having a schedule makes her freer. She can save a lot of time and can invest that time in something else and something more productive. Having schedules and plans made her save a lot of time and ultimately give her the opportunity to cater all the problems of her life at the time without having to waste the time. She says that she gets all her work done along with spare time to enjoy with her husband.

Planned Schedule Saves Time

Christal says that she has all her plans in her calendar. This doesn’t mean that Christal and Andrew are not adventurous people. It just means that the tempo of their life is subtle. She says she is the type of person who has it all planned out. She knows what she has to do next in her list rather than being completely clueless of what to do next. In her mindset, it is important that they travel a lot, it isn’t important how they travel. For instance, if they have to buy a Drive jacket, the decision would be well informed and planned.

Take Consistent Breaks

She talks about the fact that she needs consistent breaks in her schedules as well. She shares her experience that 4 pm is usually the time when her energy starts to drop. This is the time, it is important for her to take a break from anything she is doing, either it is work or something more creative.

Plan it out and do more than you have planned

Christal talks about people who have a consistent 9 to 5 job. The question that arises here is if those 9 to 5 pm working people needs to have a schedule? The answer is still YES. Having a schedule can help them save a lot of time. When you know what you have to do when you get home after 8 hours of work, you get excited to get home and change your mind for a bit. When you work 8 hours in a day, you still get 65+ hours to do whatever you want to in a week. What you can do is schedule your gym timings, or set time for you best friends to come over, schedule your dentist appointments or run your personal errands. You can either take you time once in a week to go grocery shopping.

Success in Relationships

When it comes to relationships and how you can ensure that they are successful – plans and schedules help here too. After a hectic day at work, you can schedule a meeting or a date night with your partner. What matters the most is where you want to spend the rest of your time and with who? It is important to give efficient time to your partner as well.

Sync your calendar with your partner

On the other hand, make sure to include your partner in your calendar. Plan something – plan to go to the grocery together, plan to go to a movie together, and plan to eat dinner together and a lot more that you can do with your partner.
Success in a relationship is when both the parties are equally involved in the relationship. Both the parties need to make sure to make adjustments in their schedules and calendars to make sure to spend time with each other.

Mental Peace

Christal says that being messy and unorganized wasn’t that bad at all, she was known to be flexible and adventurous. Although, now that her life is full of calendars and schedules, it has given her more time to ensure that she is spending their time efficiently. She has her designated me-time as well to clear her head and to make sure she is experiencing mental peace.

You can also learn from Christal and make sure to have some schedules in your life. Sorted life is easy to live. Having schedules doesn’t mean that you can’t party or enjoy your life. It just means that you’ll get a lot more time to invest in some other and more productive places in your life. Schedules are a key to a successful life and relationship.

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