5 Benefits To Staying Single

Well, to be true, I have been in a relationship and then I have been single as well and both the phases of life have been quite worthy to experience. I was in a long term relationship that lasted almost 9 years and then we split because of various reasons. At first, I was way too shattered to see anything but then I got hold of myself and felt better.

I am sure that there’ll be others who would think the same and would have been in the same spot as I was and their relationship status would have changed. This is quite a common situation in today’s time but being single is a feeling that every person should experience at least once and there are numerous perks of being single too.

If you’re still on the page as I am – you must know that there are numerous perks of being single and that’s exactly what you would be looking forward to in this blog.

1. You can work on yourself – towards the betterment

The idea is to be happy in the long run. When you are not focusing on someone, you are focusing on yourself and when you’re doing that, you must make sure that working towards the “betterment”. Yes, why stress on betterment? It is because it was stated in a survey that when people face heartbreak – they put all their attention on eating junk food to make themselves happy and keep yourself occupied. Hence, they gain weight. So, you should focus on yourself and become a better person.

2. You can travel the world

Have you ever traveled with your partner before? Was the plan a quickie and executed in the first go? There have been times when you wanted to go somewhere but your partner refused and finally the plan got canceled.

Well, when you are single, you wouldn’t have to listen to anyone and travel the world on your terms without worrying about what anyone would think about.


3. Spend money on yourself – lavishly

Finally, something that every person would love to do and that’s shopping for sure. But this doesn’t apply only on women but on men as well. You can spend on anything and everything that you want to without worrying too much. What I shopped first to make myself happy as a designer bag and a few pairs of branded shoes. You can do what you wish to and spend on something close to your heart.

4. You don’t have to stay up late at night

Oh Alas!! Staying up late and constantly texting or being on a call
with your partner is such a burden. You might not know this while being in a relationship but when you are single, you would know how it feels to breathe comfort and solitude. Now, you can sleep on time or at least stay awake binge-watch your favorite series and do a lot more than that. You can even spend time with your family as well but still sleep at peace without wondering when you’d get a random text or a call early in the morning.

5. You have time for all the important people

Now, that you are not all-occupied with your ‘x’ someone special, you
have all the time to focus on people who you have been missing out on like your friends and family members too.

What would you like to do first from these and which sounds fun to you? Do let us know in the comments below.

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