10 Benefits of Solo Travelling

“PING!” goes the phone that sits beside you, a beckoning to the burgeoning bulge of words being bombarded into every moment of your life by the people in it, be they near or far. Friends and family, all are held firmly in the palm, always close by in the journey of your 21st-century life. The connection, either virtual or real, is so always there that to imagine a life without it seems an unreal prospect, and an anxiety-inducing one at that. It is especially true when it comes to stepping out for a trip; the benefits of travelling seem inextricably linked to sharing that experience with another. That conviction though, isn’t necessarily true.

Solo Travel Doesn’t Mean Hollow Travel

A companion-less jaunt through our dream landscapes is not as radical and jolting to the self as our ‘oh-so-social’ lives make it out to be. Travelling alone opens up a new world at every step of the way, in ways not imagined before, transforming us with every changing natural and cultural paradigm. Here are some of the aspects that benefit the solo traveller:

1. Standing Tall and Strong

Solo travel is the perfect antidote to the anxiety of separation caused by our always-connected Our imagination, fortitude, and confidence are what will stretch instead of our hands, expanding the horizons of who we are as a person.

2. Masters of the Plan

The route map of the trip will be of our own choosing when travelling on our own. There will be the freedom to wander into every wonder the heart asks of the traveller.

3. Stepping Aside Smoothly

Should there raise a need for diversion from the chosen path, there will be no one to stop the solo traveller from doing so. A soothing drink or a souvenir stand, nothing need be held back from being explored.

4. Stranger No More

Without a partner to pull or support, the lone traveller will find companionship and support in unexpected places and people, with the potential for a lasting connection.

5. Worries Are Gone

With having just focus on the well being of the self, we will not be left stressing over the same of another, allowing for a more relaxed journey.

6. Risk-Free Risk Taking

Want to head to a place or do something which would be too risky for a more vulnerable partner? Just do it!

7. The Only Way

Experiences change with perspective and situation, and solo travel offers some unique ones at that which can’t be replicated by anything else.

8. Upping the Guard

With help not exactly around, the traveller will have to learn to take responsibility and be alert always, traits vital for better leading better lives.

9. Live the Moment

Without a distraction of a partner, one can truly live in the moment, wherever and whenever.

10. Spend-Friendly

if you have no companion by the side also means any charges for two for anything you do. That bucket list can be kissed goodbye without compromise because the pockets will not have a hole as a surprise.

“How to travel alone!?” may be the question haunting you wanting to head out. Well, just ask the sun: it seems to shine all by itself while sauntering through the sky every day.

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    • Hi Samta N.
      By Solo travelling and exploring on your own, you’re giving yourself a valuable opportunity to think, meditate, and just enjoy some quiet time when you need it. To know more about yourself, I will recommend you one time solo travelling. It’s a unique and often very memorable experience.


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