Why Body Language Is Important

Your emotions get communicated to people in the form of your outward expressions. It is not only in the form of words but also includes body language in it. Body language is a nonverbal form of communication and in this article you will get to know about the prominence of body language.

Body Language acts as an Important Part of Communication

We live in a society where we have to communicate with people. Whether you want to impart knowledge, put across your ideas or have day-to-day discussions, you will have to use the medium of words. In short, we use words for communication. But do you know that you can also communicate without using words in the form of body language. Yes, you have read it right. You can easily communicate with people by the help of your body language. Body language is a nonverbal way of putting across your information to people. Below mentioned are some of the points to let you know about the importance of body language in communication.

1. Detect Lies

When people talk to you, you may not realize whether a person is telling you a lie or he or she is speaking the truth. But, you can understand a person’s intention through his or her body language. The person who is lying will stammer or clear his or her throat. You may also notice the change of voice tone or the person will avoid eye contact. These are the body languages which indicate that the person is not showing his real self. The use of nonverbal language is extremely important and it helps to convey messages to people easily without using words.

2. Know About Feelings

Is a person pretending to be good or bad? You cannot figure out how a person is. But, you can certainly understand from his or her body language. Pretension can be expressed through facial expression. From a person’s expressions, you can come to know about his or her feelings or inner turmoil. Body language of a person can tell you if a person is feeling low or in high spirits. The smiling face, sad countenance or a mischievous look can tell you the mood of a person.

3. Positive Gestures and Movements

Your positive reactions and enthusiasm can be interpreted by showing a positive body language. The position of your arms, legs and hands can convey to people whether you are confident or excited about something or not. Sitting or standing straight, a firm handshake and moving your hands to minimum while talking are the positive gestures. Nodding your head when other person is talking to you shows that you are taking interest in his or her conversation. A pleasant face projects a person’s serene mind. Your positive gestures portray your personality. Hence, you should be very careful with your body postures.

4. Reveals Your Confidence

No matter whether you speak or not, your gestures and body movements reveal your level of confidence. Biting nails, stammering, walking slowly with head down, not looking straight into the eyes of the person you are talking with and wiping off sweat every now and then are some of the possible signs of low esteem shown by any person. The body language for men is almost the same as of women and one should pay attention to the nonverbal language he or she expresses while communicating.

Thus it is very important to be careful when using your gestures as they put a positive or negative impact in your personality. Note down the aforementioned points about the importance of body language in order to make a positive impression on people’s minds.

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