Razor and it’s type for Men

Men maintain their facial hair and a healthy beard. A man’s shaving routine is more than his grooming time. Shaving or trimming is a traditional and sacred routine as every man loves to achieve a perfect cut for himself.

Choosing the best razor depends upon personal preferences and different shaving options. Razors have been a man’s essential grooming tool since the beginning of time. From the old-school straight razor to the modern electric shaver, there are many options to choose from. Let’s start by comparing some of the best and classic razors of all time.

The two timeless and evergreen razor types are Straight and Safety Razors. These two have been constant products which you can find in every man’s grooming kit. Shaving is an art, and these two razors are the best pieces of equipment.

The typical household razor is a thin stick-like tool, with a handle at the bottom and a blade on its top. The top area is the mouth of a razor with the blades which are available in different designs. A Straight Razor was the very first invention, and it was not like the stick-like tool that is common nowadays. Many men still use a straight razor to this day because of its quality shave and precision.


Straight razors have been around for quite some time now. You might have seen them in movies. Almost every barber and professional uses a straight razor. As the name suggests, a straight razor is a long metallic blade attached to a handle. A straight razor looks like a knife and is also sharp like one. The precision of an old-school straight razor can never go out of trend.
The handle of a straight razor is made from leather or plastic according to its type. The Straight Razor shaving experience provides a perfect shave only if you are an expert. Lack of experience may cut your skin deep.

So, always make sure that you have a bit of training as you cannot master this skill at once. It is not a matter of hours or a few shaves; you will need a lot of practice. Back in the day, only barbers used them. Now that the safety razors are coming back in trend, men like to shave at home.


The best feature of having a straight razor is its beautiful design and a durable exterior. You can achieve a quick shave if you are aware of the correct technique. A straight razor requires zero maintenance. The single blade needs no changing or washing. All you must do is re-sharpen it after 10 to 12 months of usage. A Strop helps to sharpen a straight razor. You can choose from various designs and patterns according to your preferences. If we talk of durability, straight razors hardly break. They can last for years with the help of a little maintenance. The steep curve in a straight razor is the reason why it provides a perfect shaving experience. Shaving with a straight razor may sound fascinating, but it requires a lot of practice. To achieve that perfect shape, you will need to perfect your technique.

A razor strop is a long panel that comes into play when you need to sharpen straight razors. You can buy it for yourself and sharpen it at home. Otherwise, you will need to get it done from the market.

Straight razors use stainless steel on the top, but they do need to be dry after each use. If you do not use it for a long time, straight razors need a rub of oil at frequent intervals.


Shavettes are just like straight razors but with disposable blades in them. They are similar in shape and size as compared to a straight razor. Shavettes allow you to easily take off the blade when it goes dull. You do not need a strop or a professional barber to sharpen your straight razor when it goes dull.

The Best Straight Razors of 2020.

Utopia Care Straight Razor

This straight razor is the best multipurpose straight razor of 2020. It has a stylish black matte finishing with a complete stainless steel body. It also has a flip blade cover with a metallic grip. You will be able to maneuver through your face, easily taking care of every single facial hair.

It’s classy, and traditional style is perfect for professionals and experienced shavers. The chrome finishing and its reliable smoothness will provide you the best shaving experience. Just work your way around by steadily moving and applying minimum pressure on your face and get that perfect cut.

Manion Straight Razor

Another top-class straight razor with stainless steel structure; Manion straight razor is a convenient razor with a stylish wooden handle. It is a symbol of perfection and traditional shaving. Its secure opening technology provides a smooth and flexible shave. The thumb controlled buckles around the cover and its folding design are some great additional features.

The mansion straight razor is entirely hand-made by skilled professionals, which is perfect for barbers and personal use. I guarantee you will fall in love with the class and design of this tool.

Safety Razors

The advanced safety razor is perfect for the busy 20th-century man. They are much safer to use and sharp as well.

A safety razor is like a long straight pencil with a base and head. The head of the razor has blades with a protective enclosure. The very first safety razor had a metallic cover when it first came out. The typical safety razor nowadays has a blade on its head covered with a firm protective guard.

It helps you achieve a quality shave without any problems. It is much easier to use and requires less practice as compared to a straight razor. They are perfect for young shavers and beginners. You achieve a clean and close shave within minutes with the help of a safety razor.
The head of a safety razor also has unique protective lines or bars. These bars are coated, which reduces the chances of any damage to your skin. You can also rush through your shave when you don’t have much time, which is not easy with a straight razor.

Here are a few different types of safety razors:

Double Edge Razor

Double Edge razors are very popular. You can also find disposable double-edge razors, which are essential when you are traveling. They come with two different edges with individual blades that can be attached easily onto the head.

There are many different types of double edge razors according to their designs. Here is a list of the different types:

Three Piece

There are different types of heads as well:

Slant Head
Comb Head
Closed Comb Head

Single Edge Razor

Single-edged razors are the traditional razors with a unique edge that is exposed without any extra protective layer. They are much simpler than double-edged razors.

Cartridge Razor

A Cartridge razor is just a safety razor with a head and handle. The only difference is that the head of a cartridge razor has five identical blades. These blades help to increase the safety and stability of your razor. They are attached horizontally on the head within a protective cover.
They are much cheaper and simpler to use as compared to a safety razor. Just like any other safety razor, they are a quick and easy way to achieve a perfect shave. They guarantee a smooth shave.

The Best Safety Razors of 2020

Shaving Revolution Safety Razor

This is one of the best cartridge razors which offers you a good grip and durability. It is a safety razor which will help you to avoid any cuts or nicks. You will have a sleek and clean shave.
The long handle will improve your grip and make it easier for you to have a proper shave. From beginners to professionals, shaving revolution safety razor is perfect. It has a butterfly design and is excellent for all types of beards.

Merkur Safety Razor

Merkur is an excellent safety razor that is very efficient and effective. It is prevalent in the market because of its extra stability due to its thin structure. You will have no skin irritation or infections when shaving at any particle angle or with force. No hair will be left out as this razor can provide the best straight cut. It has a little extra weight, which helps to guide you through to a perfect shave.

Gillette Fusion 5 Pro Glide

Everyone is familiar with Gillette. The brand new Fusion5 ProGlide is a high-performance razor famous for its smoothness. Its blades are incredibly sharp and anti-frictional. It is smooth as a feather with flex ball technology that you will find in no other razor.
It’s thin; four different blades provide excellent touches and the exact finishing you will need. The protective bars on the head provides an aftershave fragrance after you are done shaving. One will become a fan of the precision, durability, and compatibility of this razor after the very first shave.

Choosing A Razor

Choose a safety razor if you want to spend the least amount of time on your shaving routine. It has a little curve, so the chances of risks are close to zero. It will be super easy to change blades or cartridges of a safety razor because of no curve.
The quality of the shave is good but not as clean when compared to a straight razor. This doesn’t mean that the shave will be poor. Safety razors guarantee high quality and enjoyable shave.
If shaving means more than trimming your beard, then choose a straight razor. They are stylish, and the feeling you will get using a straight razor is incomparable. It does involve skills, but this traditional tool is worth it. If you do feel daring, then you should hone your skills with a straight razor.

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