How to take care of your skin in Summers

Summers are here and while some might love the sun shining upon them, there are those who just hate the heat. Well, I am one of them because summers bring bad things for my skin. My skin starts to break-out, gets oily, and redness keeps my skin quite occupied. I love winters for that matter. Well, there are men like me who face such problems during the hot months and wish that something would make them feel better.

Most of you would think that by the skin, it is only your face that this blog talks about but that’s not things work. Your entire body is covered with skin and your entire needs the regime to look as well as feel good. This blog will lay down the various solutions to the problems that your skin will face during summers and how can you actually take care of your skin.

1. Wash your face – at least twice a day

The take-care regime of your skin starts by washing and cleaning your face twice a day every-single-day. Cleaning your skin with a gentle face wash would flush out all the dust and dirt settled on the skin. This is one reason, bathing every day in summers is also important. It gets the sweat and dirt cleaned off your body.

2. Sunscreen is very important

You already know the endless reasons why sunscreen is a perfect choice for you during summers. If you choose the right SPF, you are sure in for an advantageous experience. Men have rougher skin and need a higher amount of SPF for their skin. For example, SPF 40-50 would be the kind of sunscreen SPF you need. Well, not only for your face, you can apply the sunscreen on all the exposed body parts including your bikini-line when you hit the beach. After all, you want to get the tan lines in the wrong place.

3. Shave – timely

Shaving is a good habit. You already know the perks of shaving right? Shaving helps you sweat less and gives you a cleaner look. Likewise, shaving your underneath also helps you sweat less and gives you an opportunity for your skin to breathe well. In fact, when you want to make your skin feel good, you can also apply talcum powder to get some relief from sweat and wear a breathable fabric men’s underwear.

4. Keep your skin moisturized

Moisturization is needed in both winters and summers. In both the seasons, dry skin gets drier and looks more like drought-prone area with all the flaky bits coming off and the itchiness happening. Moisturizing your skin from your neck to toe to keep your skin feeling good. So when your partner touches you, she actually gets her hand on soft and supple skin rather than the irritated skin.

5. Water is what brings you alive

Dehydration is something that happens a lot in summers which have their own disadvantages. But when you dehydrate – so does your skin. Having water or anything like juices, coconut water and anything that is not contaminated with preservatives. When your skin is hydrated, your skin glows and keeps you feeling good from within.

Now that you know how to take care of your skin, which one of these would you adopt first? Please comment and let us know

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