How to Set Goal 5 or 10 Years Down the Line

Setting goals in life is important for all human beings, as the goals serve you a purpose of life and motivate you to achieve your dreams. If you are thinking how to set goals, then you have come to the right place.

Grow With Your Life Goals

Imagine, you wake up in the morning and you have got nothing to do. Won’t you feel boring? This is the reason you need goals in life. Whether it is short-term goals or long-term goals, people should channelize their energy in working towards their goals. Life without goals is meaningless. You need to push yourself constantly by taking up challenges and by setting goals in life. Goal setting has a positive impact. A positive goal setting helps you grow in life and you get rewarding results in return. You experience a positive change in your life when you have dreams in your eyes. Your dream to achieve something in life is a part of your goal which motivates you to give your best shot and achieve success in the long run. Below mentioned are the few points that will help you set goals.

1. What Interests You

There could be many things in life that might interest you. Chalk down the things you are passionate about. Whether you are drifted towards singing, dancing, painting, writing, or any other skills, you should know the skill of yours that excites you more. For instance, your passion lies in painting. Think how you can make yourself successful as a good painter. Setting 5 year goals is extremely important in order to work on it and take your career to the level you want. Knowing your passion is the first step of your goal.

2. Jot It Down

Where do you see yourself in 5 years? This question you should ask yourself every day. Now, you know what drives you and you have a goal in your mind. It’s time to pen down your goals on a sheet of paper. Write positive goals that will not divert your mind in the long run. For example, you want to secure good scores in your Post Graduation. Write down in a paper that I will score good marks and be a post graduate after some months. Another scenario might be that you want to buy a flat. Then write down your goal that, I will be moving in my new flat next year. Writing down your prospective goals and plans brings you closer to your dreams and you get strength in achieving your goals.

3. Emphasize On Your Most Important Goals

You have written down your goals. Now, it is the time to run your eyes through your goals and choose the ones which you want to execute at first. Make a list of your goals and tick the most important goals you want to accomplish.

4. How Will You Go About It

After you have chalked out your vital goals, you should think about executing them and make it happen. What will be your first step? It is not possible to reach the last step of your goal instantly. Think about the steps that will help you climb the ladder of your goal. If necessary, you can take small steps at first in order to reach your goal.

5. Make Your Long-Term Vision Come True

You might have a long-term vision of starting your own business. If you do not make attempts towards working on it, your long-term vision will remain in the paper. If you are planning big goals, then you should plan your 10 year vision properly and know where you will be heading in life 10 years down the line.

6. Keep Moving Forward

You might not get success in the beginning when you are working on your goal. It might seem that the goal you have chosen does not seem constructive. Do not get disheartened. Find out different ways to work on your goal and achieve it.

Make your future goals come true by putting your earnest endeavors and the above points will definitely help you to make your goals come true in life.

4 thoughts on “How to Set Goal 5 or 10 Years Down the Line”

  1. Hi, I am not agree that, if you don’t have goal, then life is boring. If someone want to enjoy particular moment or live his life moment by moment, then why you need to worry about long term goal, Life is full of uncertainty.

    • Hi P. Swathi
      Thank you for highlighting this point. I completely agree with your point that if someone wants to enjoy his life moment by moment but for long term growth you should have some goal in your life like what you want in your life after certain years.

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