Custom Lapel Pins- A Great Way To Style Your Suit Jacket

The lapel pin also is known as the enamel pin.

The lapel pin that you frequently saw in school in the ’90s as a fashion accessory. The lapel pin was first made either for ornament purposes or for people who belonged to an organization or a company that they wanted to represent. Then non-affiliated people started wearing this nifty pin as a fashion trend, with teenagers holding the unique pin on their backpacks, pencil pouches, jacket sleeves, and some even shoes. So the companies started making a pin of unique design, quotes, famous TV shows, movies, animations, and actors or their famous characters, with additional adding of pop culture reference to the design as well making them very popular with the crowd. It soon became a must-have trendy fashion accessory for a 90s kid.

However, in recent years it’s coming back due to the growing fandom of almost every show, animation or movie. Nevertheless, before jumping into what custom lapel pin you can style to represent and show off your beloved fandom and still look fashionable. Here are some noticeable cool features that you can use in your custom lapel pin design to make it stand out.


These pin features give the lapel pin a more stunning look and depth. However, the most used pin feature is the Pin on Pin design. The danger, bobble, spinner and slider all categorize in features of 3D function display, where the wearer can fiddle with it and have fun while wearing it, well not always suitable for formal wear but definitely looks cool on a casual jacket and Pikachu Hoodie. The lenticular pin and flocking pin give a visual and touchable appeal to the lapel pin. The led pin though looks cool but very often due to battery issues of the lapel pin but it can be made if it is necessary for the design.

Now that you know how many types of features you can use in your custom lapel pin design to style your clothes. Here are some design ideas you can use TV shows, movies and animation related lapel pin, which will look trendy and fashionable as well as display your inner nerd.


With all the hustle, excitement and crying around the world of Marvel inspired movies like the Avengers: Endgame, Dead pool 2 and X-men: Dark Phoenix around the cinematic world. This amazing comic-inspired movies and animation universe are on every young and adults mind nowadays so having a cool custom lapel pin of your favorite Marvel heroes are something marvel fan should have a must have!


With the final season of the enigmatic and exciting HBO TV series Game of Thrones has come around. It feels important for GOT viewers to pay homage by buying their merchandise and what a better way to do that than to buy a good old lapel pin that can be easily taken or displayed everywhere and show off the fact that you are indeed watching this amazing show.


If you are a Star Wars fan and have not bought a lapel pin representing your love for this amazing franchise then the Jedi council is definitely looking down on you. Get your custom star wars lapel pin made with a variety of option design from the death star to the famous Darth Vader’s mask. Make yourself know with these classy yet taste full design.

3. Disney

This mega entertainment co-operation giant has produced decade’s worth of iconic movies and cartoon. From their classic Disney princess squad to their iconic 3D animation. Giving the Disney fan a variety of option to fans to use in their custom lapel pin design.


The harry potter. Choosing from badges; either it is the brave Gryffindor, the loyal Hufflepuff, the intelligent Raven claw, or the ambitious Slithering and many other signature quotes and custom lapel you can buy.

Hope you got inspired by these custom lapel pin through these ideas aren’t limited here. You can also do whatever show, movie or any pop culture reference that suits your taste in your custom lapel pin and style it with any jacket, bag or clothing you like.

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