Basic Tips for Employee Management in Business

Healthy employees perform better, in the meantime science is in complete agreement. They are satisfied with their job, have a positive influence on the working atmosphere and are less often absent. Result: they help boost your company’s productivity. As an employer, you can create the right environment for happy, healthy employees who perform well. Seven tips for employee management in business that immediately affect.

1. Boost the involvement

People who find their job interesting stay motivated for longer. Intrinsic motivation, therefore, comes from the pleasure that someone derives from his or her task. By responding to the interests and talents of your employees, you maximize their performance. And no, you don’t have to install a climbing wall at the entrance, as Google did. The most important thing is to involve employees in the bigger story. Give them a say in the course your organization is taking and work on getting all noses in the same direction.

2. Appreciate and acknowledge your employees (even if it is not a compliment day)

A generous wage is a great way to show your employees that you appreciate their efforts. But there are also other – cheaper – ways. If you give employees a compliment for their excellent work, they will work even better. Do not underestimate the importance of such a pat.

With a compliment you let team members feel that you think their work is important and that you value their efforts. Mind you, the way you give such a compliment can increase the impact. Don’t send it by e-mail or wait for an evaluation interview but give your compliment in person. You will see, a personal card or a small treat works wonders.

3. Ensure a healthy working environment

A healthy working environment starts with cleanliness and good organization. Polished to the smallest corners, but also with ergonomic material that offers your employees the necessary support. Think of a good office chair for office workers or the right work material for employees who are constantly on their feet. For example, read these useful tips to avoid body complaints from cleaners or how to set up a dynamic office.

An element that costs nothing but makes a world of difference is fresh air. Ensure adequate ventilation and make room for some greenery in the office. Plants purify the air and produce oxygen, good for health and productivity.

4. Promote healthy food

A healthy lifestyle starts with healthy food. Prohibiting sandwiches with salami is probably not a good idea. But providing healthy snacks and food for your employees is a feasible card. Fat and sweet food ensure an energy dip in the afternoon. Replace the machine full of chips and chocolate bars with a fruit basket and you will prevent everyone from falling asleep after lunch.

In addition to good food, drinking enough water is also important. For this, you can install a water cooler or tap in a place that is visible and accessible to everyone. In this way, you encourage your employees to opt for water instead of caffeine or a can of soda.

5. Teach your employees how to use their time in a smart way

Employees who plan their time well and use it efficiently, suffer less stress and work smarter. As an employer, you will certainly benefit from this.

Employees can rely on numerous tools to manage their time properly. Without a doubt, Pomodoro is the classic for time management. You work concentrated in blocks of 25 minutes, followed by a break. A handy timer keeps track of the blocks for you, which helps to avoid being distracted by all kinds of notifications and chatting with colleagues.

Also, there are of course ways to manage time well. Help your employees manage their workload by cultivating a culture where they can easily ask for help. Also, make room for training in time management: a small investment that pays off immediately.

6. Create good relationships in the workplace

It pays to invest in good relationships between colleagues and bosses. Working in a nice company atmosphere is simply more pleasant. Building a giant igloo with time is undoubtedly a fun and useful team-building activity. But you must shut down your entire department for a day, which takes time and money. Fortunately, there are other ways to stimulate social cohesion than going to team building once a year. Small promotions all year round often have a deeper impact. For example, organize a drink on the first Friday of the month, or ask everyone around the table every afternoon to have lunch in a room.

7. Encourage your employees to move

We already knew that exercise is good for body and soul. About 45% of employees say that exercising gives them a better mood and makes them more productive at work. Exercising makes sure that employees feel good about themselves, and that stimulates their productivity.

There are plenty of options for responding to this. For example, encourage employees to come to work by bicycle by pointing out the interesting bicycle allowance. If you want to link sport to team spirit, you can organize a game of football or a hefty walk during the break. If you have room left, you can use it for a weekly yoga session. Or make some fitness equipment available.

Such a sporting moment at work does not have to last long, by the way. High-Intensity Interval Training, or a short eight-minute workout that is just as effective as a half-hour running session. Ideal to briefly change your mind and to counter the effects of all that sitting down. Nothing that fuels team spirit so much as sweating and giving up together.
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