Basic Etiquettes Of Modern Times

Etiquettes are nothing but certain simple good manners or rules which are highly crucial and must be followed by all in order to shine and go ahead in life. Generally, you will find that people in western countries are better behaved or well-mannered when it comes to interacting with them. This is because they learn about the etiquettes right from their childhood. But here in India, we are not taught about any kind of basic etiquettes and you can consider this as a kind of backlog that our society has. So today we will go through and learn about some of the basic etiquettes of modern times which will prove to be extremely useful throughout our lifetime.

1. Learn To Use Magic Words

Magic words are nothing but certain simple words which will are generally taught at the school level.
The first one of them is ‘please’. If you are in need of certain thing and you want it badly you can use the word please or if you are having dinner at the table and you want someone to pass you something you can also use the word please in that case. You will look humble and classy with a clear mind by using the word, please.
The second magic word is ‘thank you’. Do not forget to say thank you in return of any small favor or help from someone.
The third magic word is ‘excuse me’. If you are going somewhere and someone is standing on your way you can humbly excuse me to the person and he or she will move and give way to you. You can also use the word excuse me in order to gain the attention of somebody you are talking to.
The forth magic word is ‘sorry’. If you accidentally hurt or push somebody you can say sorry to him or her in order to get an apology.
The fifth and last magical word is ‘pardon me’. This word is generally used more in western You can use the word pardon me in case if you fail to hear something while somebody is speaking to you.

2. Table Manners

Table manners are another proper etiquette which everyone should know and follow in their daily life. Table manners become crucial and need to be followed by all whenever you are having lunch or dinner or any kind of food together with your friends or family members. For example, if you are going out on a date with a girl, do not forget to pull out the chair for her when she sits and then have your chair. You can eat Indian food with hand but in case of western dishes try to use fork and knife and chew the food with your mouth closed.

3. Movement Etiquette

Modern etiquettes are evolving day by day and movement etiquettes are one of the most crucial among them. For instance, if you are walking with a girl try to walk just beside her or slightly behind her. Give her all the respect she deserves and never walk ahead of her. You are not racing. Rather you are spending some time together while you are walking. Another thing which you must follow is that whenever you and a girl is walking through a door, open the door for her and let her go first and then you can follow her humbly.

4. Conversational Points

While talking to a girl always show respect to the girl and her opinion even if it doesn’t match to your point of view. Another vital point while conversing with a girl, always maintain eye contact with her and never lose attention to whatever she is speaking. It will make you feel confident and easy in front of her. You can also ask related questions to her on the topic she is speaking. Moreover, it is important that you match your body language with the person who is speaking. Last but not the least never interrupts to someone when he or she is talking except in case of an emergency.

5. Have A Clean Heart

Having a clean heart is perhaps the most vital or important etiquette that you must have in your life. If you do good for others, help people and do not judge them then those people will also understand that you are a nice person and they will remember you and help you in times of your need. You must always remember the fact that kindness is rewarded with kindness.

Thus to conclude we can say that the above etiquette rules are highly crucial and important and you must remember and follow them in your life if you want to be happy and successful.

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