6 Scientifically-Backed Ways to De-Stress Right Away

As mentioned by research, individuals in their sixties who work in stressful environments and have little to no authority of making decisions are more likely to suffer from depression, and they get to live shorter compared to those in low-stress environments. A higher level of stress hormones can eventually lead you to various physical and psychological ailments like cardiac disease, arthritis, insomnia, dementia, unnecessary weight gain or loss, and depression.

Unwinding yourself after a busy day at work is crucial, it is something that our bodies require in order to relax and work the next day efficiently. So, here we have a few scientifically-backed ways to unwind and de-stress your body as well as mind.

1. Work On Your Mindset

A famous quote says, ‘it is not the stress that kills you; it is how you react to it.’ Needless to mention, it is challenging to ignore every stressful situation, but how you respond to them is in your hands; therefore, one way to cater stress is by embracing it instead of trying to avoid all the stressful scenarios or completely ignore them.

Start looking at the brighter side of the picture; a stressful job can also be energizing for you as you get to learn more. When one starts taking stress positively, s/he experiences less of it. Everything starts within you!

2. Start Working Out

No matter how hectic your routine is, make a habit of starting your day by working out. Regular exercise helps release more endorphins (happy hormones) and controls the level of cortisol (stress hormones). Also, exercise is something that strengthens the immune system of the body, allowing it to deal with stress on its own.

According to some pieces of research, lack of physical activity reduces the number of serotonin in the body, significantly contributing to stress. Therefore, regular exercise is the ultimate solution. It is certainly the most inexpensive method to unwind yourself, and it brings along great results.

3. Enjoy Some Time Off

As stated by Nielsen survey, individuals who take some time off annually tend to have a lower level of stress, better physical health, high level of productivity, increased sex drive, and a tranquil state of mind. Vacations, especially some ‘me time’ is a necessity rather luxury. They are crucial for your physical health as well as mental well-being in today’s world that is nothing but stressful.

Another study states that couples who take annual vacations are more likely to have healthy relationships with a spark of romance than those who never really take out time for themselves.

4. Try Pot

You may think of it as something harmful, but trust me, it is entirely safe. Medical marijuana brings along a number of health benefits for you if taken in an administered amount. It has become legal in various states of America in recent years, and its growing popularity in the world of medicine says it all.

According to a study, a single puff of pot can significantly reduce your stress levels, making you feel relaxed and calm. Use of medical marijuana is on the rise that makes this study more vital. Look up for the best stress relieving medical marijuana strains, and then choose one with the help of your GP. You can click here for more information before making your mind to give it a try.

5. Sleep Better

If you feel cranky after staying up all night working on the assignment you had, it is wholly justified. As mentioned by a study, you are more likely to develop an anxiety disorder if you’re an all-nighter. Lack of sleep lightens up the parts of the brain associated with excessive anxiety and worrying; therefore, taking care of your sleep is essential.

According to science, eight hours of sleep at night is necessary to make your body function effectively. So, work by the days and leave those nights to relax and sleep.

6. Go Out In Nature

Last but not least, you can never underestimate the power of nature. At times when you’re overwhelmed with everything, overburdened because of work and want some relief from the hectic days, you just need to stop and smell some flowers. By that, I mean you need to get out in nature and let yourself lose in the natural air.

A lot of studies have shed light on the wonderful effects of nature on your psychological well-being. The green around you does not just soothe your eyes but the brain as well. It also boosts your creativity. Even the simplest thing like looking out a window can be healing for a stressful mind.

Sometimes de-stressing your body and some ‘me time’ is all you need. Make your health a priority and treat your body like a temple. I hope it helps you out. Stay safe!

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