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How to Survive Your First-Ever Vacation as a Couple

How to Survive Your First-Ever Vacation as a Couple
How to Survive Your First-Ever Vacation as a Couple

Going on a first vacation as a couple can be one of the most exciting experiences to enjoy. Just spending time together as partners is a major milestone itself and vacationing at an exotic location is something to look forward to with anticipation.

Those who find it challenging to find partners via conventional dating will find online dating a good alternative. The dating sites would be a great starting point to find someone suitable to begin dating.

For those who are already dating and looking to take their first vacation together, there probably are many queries that pop into their minds.  Some individuals might wonder how to save for vacation as a couple. Maybe it’s better to go on vacation not as a couple but as a group? But we’ll talk here about the trip for two.

The most question faced by most partners going on holiday is what are the best places to go on vacation as a couple? So far, it depends on the personal preference and budget of both partners, among other factors. 

Those new to the dating scene and looking for useful info can check out tips for the first happy vacation as a couple on the sites like ezinearticles.com or browse through 5 survival tips for your first vacation as a couple.

Both partners could even try brainstorming their first vacation as a couple ideas to decide the location and activities during the trip.

Here are a few tips to enjoy your first vacation:

1. Make Plans in Advance

The easiest way to enjoy a successful trip is to always plan in advance. From doing homework about the location to deciding about the type of activities to be involved in. This makes it a lot easier to arrive at a destination and know exactly what the next steps are to be.

This is a far more effective option rather than arrive at the location and then begin to plan the itinerary. It reduces any undue stress that may pop up without having plans in place. Even if any last-minute changes need to be made, these could be easily incorporated into the schedule of your first vacation.  

2. Take a Break from All Types of Digital Devices

Living in a digitally connected world is both a boon and a bane. It becomes the latter when we get over-involved in the use of such devices, whether smartphones, tablets or laptops, etc. Instead of getting busy trying to upload all the cute photographs from your first vacation, enjoy the moments spent together, and leave it for later in the evening.

Avoid answering calls and preferably keep all devices on silent mode. Even if there is anything important, make it a point to check them at intervals instead of being glued to them. The purpose of any best first vacation as a couple is to spend quality time together, so make the most of it. Leave the likes on social media for later!

3. Combine Both Leisure and Activities

Going on a romantic first vacation does not mean spending all the time lazing around doing nothing. While the purpose of taking a break is to relax, it should be both a combination of leisure and activities. If one’s time is just spent relaxing it will make for a very boring trip. Plan the trip so that equal time is spent doing a range of activities and having ample downtime for both to enjoy calmness.

4. Go Light on the Booze

Just being on holiday does not mean one chug as many drinks as possible. Spending a relaxing vacation does not mean to keep drinking until one is completely sloshed. Having a couple of drinks is okay, but an individual must be aware of their limit. Just because one has a higher tolerance, it does not mean to go all out and overdo it. That can easily spoil your best first vacation as a couple.

Nothing can spoil a vacation more than having a partner drunk and nauseous while the other can just look on. Couples tend to fight more when they overindulge in alcohol as well. So, remember to go light on the booze. After all, one drinks to relax and enjoy themselves and not to get drunk!

5. Give Each Other Some Personal Space

A common mistake to avoid during the first vacation with your partner, especially for the first time, is to want to be with them 24/7. Agreed that both should spend as much time as possible together, but that does not mean that both become shadows of each other. Every human needs their personal space and time to be by themselves, so make it a point to ensure that both have just that.

Whether speaking on the phone to family or friends or making new friends on the trip, let them be free to do what they want. Being in love is great, but both also have a life outside the relationship. That is what can make a vacation as a couple different.

6. Do Things That Both Partners Enjoy

One of the easiest ways to enjoy a memorable vacation is to plan an itinerary keeping the interests of both partners in mind. That means that there should be a balance of activities that both enjoy doing. Whether it is spending time on the beach or sightseeing, it must include all those activities enjoyed by both. Even if one does not enjoy a particular activity, it is necessary to compromise for the sake of their partner.  

It becomes a much more satisfying experience to be on holiday doing something that both partners can enjoy. Ensuring that the interests of both partners are taken care of will make the trip much more memorable.

7. Leave All Your Cares Behind

It is easy to worry and develop stress over the smallest of things in life. The very purpose of going on a holiday is to avoid all the worries and concerns that plague one in their daily life. Keep that in mind when on vacation and leave all your cares behind. There is plenty of time when you return to try and sort out things instead of spoiling the holiday worrying about things. 

Going on a holiday is all about having fun and relaxing with no worries or concerns to play on the mind. Why spoil the opportunity to be together and enjoy a fantastic and memorable holiday together? Even if things do not go according to plan or there are disagreements of any kind, keep a cool head and sort things out as mature individuals. 

Do you have any interesting ideas about places to go on vacation as a couple? Would you like to share any suggestions or opinions about couples going on a first vacation together? Please feel free to comment or share any feedback in the comments section below!


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