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Beard Care: Shaving, Products, Tools And Advice

Beard Care Shaving, Products Tools And Advice
Beard Care Shaving, Products Tools And Advice

Beard care is the daily and necessary practice that makes the daily routine of care inevitable in a man’s life. It’s worth it because let’s face it, it’s one of the features women love, a well-groomed beard.

Whether it is short, medium or long: each type has its own charm and – in a certain sense – reflects the male personality. According to the latest trends, the so-called “castaway look” is rejected (not only for a matter of aesthetics). Unfortunately, the era we are living in has also overturned some habits and due to the Coronavirus – many experts – recommend that it is better to have a well-groomed or completely shaved beard, rather than a long and rebellious beard.

Why this? The hair is a real protective barrier, but at the same time, it is the place where bacteria settle. Prolonged use of the mask (during the Covid emergency) – for example – could affect the length of the beard and, therefore, you could run the risk of not being 100% protected. To prove this are the experts and recent statistics. According to some sources, in fact, in the year 2020, there was 78% more on e-commerce sales of skincare products. If the beard has become a problem that particularly afflicts, in this article we have run for cover. Here, below, we will analyze all the tips and accessories you need to better take care of your beard. Are you ready?

Take care of your beard, here’s how

Yes or no to conditioner : many men use conditioner to care for their beard , but is this method correct? Facial hair not properly treated with conditioner becomes – over time – dry and indomitable; also, if you use the wrong product you could experience itching and skin irritation. Choosing – alternatively – a quality shampoo and conditioner is certainly the right choice . There are many products on the market, including organic ones, aimed at hair care.

What is the ideal style, the ideal beard care?

Many men , despite the passing of the years, have never found the right look . Before attempting the total elimination of the beard, it is therefore good to reflect on the style you want to give to your image, how we will take care of our beard . To do this, you need to – simply – consider the shape of your face and which style would match your professional and personal life.

If, for example, you have a round face, a long and thin look is more suitable , if you have an oval face it is good to prefer a different beard style, concentrated on the sides of the face to enrich the volume . As mentioned above, in the light of what we are experiencing, a barely mentioned type of beard is indicated and a hipster beard is not recommended for the anti-covid devices to adhere perfectly to the face. The latter is very popular in 2019 precisely because it adapts to all types of face, but its thick look could be a problem for the virus. Let’s cut it!

The right beard products

First of all, to perfect your beard you need to use the right accessories and products. The first thing to exclude is the disposable razor or that machine that – by now – no longer satisfies, tears the hair instead of cutting it correctly.

To date, there are so many beard shaving accessories and choosing is almost a dilemma! Some well-known brands, for example, offer a wide range of beard trimmers that – thanks to the many cutting-edge technologies – allow you to better adjust the length and prevent cuts and irritation to the face.

These devices, in fact, allow you to precisely define even the most difficult to reach points and adjust each corner. Another useful accessory, however, could be a beard brush . Brushing facial hair – perhaps – is not everyone’s habit, but this tool allows you to always keep it tidy and perfect.

If you really want to take care of your long beard
As mentioned, the long beard is partly over, however, fashions can return so if your face looks good with a thicker and longer beard, here are the tips for taking care of the long beard .

1. A nice brush

If it’s not already in your beard grooming kit this is a must-have item. The daily use of the brush is certainly a habit to take. The reason is simple to make the hair less bristly and eliminate knots and impurities.

It will become our daily cuddle.

The advice for the brush and the purchase of the kit brush and comb for the wooden beard.

2. The SHAMPOO FOR BEARD is not the Bath foam

The shampoo for the beard must be specific. We do not use the shampoo for the hair or even worse the shower gel or bath foam.

Beard products are usually more delicate and protective, with natural products that help avoid irritation.

3. Using the conditioner after washing

The conditioner seems trivial but it is the treatment that allows you to have a tidy beard and a homogeneous hair.

MOISTURIZES, SOFTENS AND PERFUMES THE BEARD: Use beard balm daily to ensure a perfectly hydrated, soft, healthy beard with a pleasant, delicate and natural scent.

4. The final touch, the oil to give shine

Just two drops and then massage the beard, there are many fragrances we choose the one that best suits our way of being. Oil is an important product for the treatment of a beard. Use specific oils for beard care.

5. We close with a flourish with a moustache

Isn’t the moustache part of the beard? yes, but they have a treatment all by themselves, often they are also cut with special accessories given the position between the lips and the nose. In any case, if we want to end with a flourish, moustache wax is a touch of class.

Tips on shaving and good habits

They say that those who go slowly, go healthy and go far. Again, caution is nothing more than a benefit. Using a shaving device for a long time, especially when it is not necessary, is a wrong choice because you could run the risk of cutting more than you want , but above all it could create very common problems: ingrown hair and redness.

To reach the most difficult areas – such as the moustache – the use of scissors is also recommended , aimed at defining a more balanced style. Obviously, taking the time to care for your beard and experimenting a little to find the right technique and the perfect look is essential to feel fully satisfied. For an ad hoc touch, another element not to be underestimated is the oil : available in different fragrances, it gives a uniform touch to facial hair and – flanked by a brush – maintains a literally perfect beard.

Remember that every now and then you have to change your style a little, but above all always be proud and feel good in the mirror. We hope this guide is a start and a turning point to start – finally – throwing away that old razor and buying useful accessories to take care of your beard , better than the most popular barber in the country!


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